Catch ’em All

Since the FA20 compression ratio is high at 12.5:1, one can expect a bit of blowby from both daily driving the car and taking the car to the track. A catch can would help with this.

The Radium Engineering catch can was a particular one that caught my eye for numerous reasons. I pretty much always crave some sort of data to inform a decision to purchase something. It’s good because I’m a more informed buyer, but bad because I can spend months before pulling the trigger on something. I’m pretty indecisive that way. This catch can will install only the PCV side. There is a crankcase catch can side available as well, but it’s seriously overkill for an NA application.

The catch can is fully serviceable and has baffling to help the oil/gas vapors adhere to something so it can condense properly. Obviously, this is a rather expensive catch can but the fit and finish was top notch. A cheaper route would be go just grab any catch can, cut it open, stick some steel wool in it, and weld it back up.

It also features a dipstick to check the level of the can which I thought was a nice touch. It also comes with an option to petcock drain kit, which is essentially just a shut-off valve that allows easy draining. I didn’t purchase it at the time, but will be picking one up before I install this.

I think the great part about this kit is that it’s universal. The only thing I can think that wouldn’t fit is the mounting bracket and possibly the hoses, which isn’t a deal breaker if you want to use it between multiple cars.

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